PROFECTiON Web Design is owned and operated by me – Dan Cerceo :)

PWD is the vehicle by which I get to marry my interests and experiences in technology with my creative side in order to help individuals, organizations and small businesses navigate our digital world.

I can help with: enterprise technology and IT leadership; website design and technology consulting for individuals and small businesses; and Information Security.

Some of my work...

GiantPumpkin5K.com is built on the Wordpress platform using a customized template providing for a modern, mobile-friendly and easy to manage website.

ExperienceLiveMusic.com evolved from several independent sites into a unified experience for Chicago-area music fans. It is developed and hosted on the Bandzoogle platform.

Bandzoogle: band websites that work

RenditionMusic.com is another band website developed with hand-coded HTML and integrated with variety of 3rd party tools including a user friendly CMS system for easy updates.

ShopIndustryStandard.com, also built on Wordpress, provides a vibrant introduction to their products with ecommerce capabilities via Square Market.


Collected over the years, PWD has a number of 2-3 word domains for sale.  These domain names are increasingly rare and are a great opportunity to build a new brand or promote an existing product or service.  Please contact Dan via LinkedIn for more information.




Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Better.
BobBetterman.com is a community blog dedicated to health tracking and self-improvement. Can small changes make a big difference? Let's find out. Do something every day to become a better man (or woman!).


proud to be...
   “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each year find you a better man.” — Ben Franklin
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